14 Days of Guilt-Free, Stress-Free, Self-Care

My Gift to You

Treat yourself with kindness! Join me in this simple e-course and over the next 14 days I will show you how you can use simple, kind, gentle, and creative actions to reduce stress, connect with your healthy inner resources, and treat yourself the way you have always wanted to be treated. The life you want is within you.

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14 Days of Simple, Sustainable, Guilt-Free Self-Compassion

Practicing Self-Compassion has been shown to:

  • Decrease Stress!
  • Increase use of Healthy Coping Mechanisms!
  • Lead to reduction in the experiencing of depression!
  • Increased experiencing of happiness!
  • Increase in optimism, curiosity, and positive attitudes!

So here is my GIFT to you:

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Time to learn to treat yourself as you would your very dearest friend. Time to share some of that care that you give to others.

But isn’t self-compassion selfish, you ask?

Isn’t self-compassion going to make me sloppy or lazy?

I say NO!  And there is a bit of (well, maybe more than a little) research to back me up for those of you who need that sort of thing.  Come with me and we will explore these questions and more.

Simple, easy, guilt-free self-compassion, delivered to you over 14 days. So please come and join me by putting your name and email in the boxes provided.  I look forward to connecting with you.


“If you do not change your direction, you may end up heading where you are heading.”

– Lao Tzu